Treat at salon for mother

Makeover mum SUS-170215-113744001
Makeover mum SUS-170215-113744001

A kindhearted hairdresser has given a fundraiser a free make-over.

Nadia Smith is one of the founders of the Twinkling Star Fund.

Nadia lost her five-year-old son Danny in 2002. Danny had a bowel condition and died in the night from pneumonia .

Since his death Nadia and a team of fundraisers have helped parents who have lost their children pay for headstones.

Joe Lam, salon director at Mayahana in Eastbourne town centre, heard about Nadia’s efforts to help others and invited her in for a new hair style.

Nadia said, “I felt guilty having my hair done because there are so many people who do so much for Twinkling Stars it is not just me.

“It was really lovely though. Joe was so great and really put me at ease and made me feel comfortable.

“It was a complete surprise and it was a very relaxing experience - I was floating.”