Travellers move to children’s play park

Photo by Dan Jessup SUS-170526-174759001
Photo by Dan Jessup SUS-170526-174759001

A group of travellers have been sighted at a children’s play park today.

Wealden District Council said a team will be visiting the park in Lion Hill, Stone Cross, to speak to the occupants this morning.

This comes after two groups of travellers moved on this week after being served notices by Eastbourne council.

According to Eastbourne Borough Council, a group that had settled near the water works at Langney Point on Friday (May 19) had moved to Sovereign Park after the council sought an eviction notice at court.

The group remained there for more than a day before leaving the borough, said a council spokesperson.

A separate group were then seen at Seaside Recreation ground yesterday (Thursday). The council said they were served with a notice that evening and also left the borough around 10pm that night.