Several Eastbourne roads shut for World Car Free Day

World Car Free Day stresses the importance of alternative travel and several roads will be shut across Eastbourne to mark the day.

Tuesday, 21st September 2021, 12:22 pm
Updated Wednesday, 22nd September 2021, 9:40 am

Tomorrow (Wednesday, September 22) marks World Car Free Day which will see a number of roads closed to traffic from 7am–6pm with the cooperation of Eastbourne Borough Council.

Hurst Road and Borough Lane in Upperton ward, Etchingham Road and Priory Road in St Anthony’s ward, and Hyde Gardens in Devonshire ward will all be affected.

Tom Nevill, Youth Parliament cabinet member for Eastbourne and a student at East Sussex College, is working to make travelling on foot or by bicycle safer for young people, particularly during busy school times.

Tom Nevill, Youth Parliament cabinet member for Eastbourne SUS-210921-100011001

Overseeing the day, Tom is calling for greener, cheaper, more regular and reliable public transport to reduce the town’s reliance on the car for local journeys of less than two miles.

Tom said, ”World Car Free Day is an excellent opportunity to show that the town of Eastbourne is at the forefront of the drive to tackle air pollution and congestion.

“I hope that residents and visitors alike will take a look at our streets and roads more carefully and join our campaign to improve public transport for our town so we can be less reliant on the car to make short journeys.”

Since 2019 17-year-old Tom has worked to support this initiative and has gained the support of local community champions and volunteers who are assisting him to oversee the road closures tomorrow.

His endeavours are supported by Eastbourne Borough Council, the Eastbourne Schools Partnership, the Eastbourne Eco Action Network’s Transport Group and the Chamber of Commerce. Living Streets, the national charity for every day walking, has also given him the thumbs up.

Tom wants to encourage everyone to use World Car Free Day to think about what they can do to reduce car emissions and to support the campaign to improve local public transport alternatives as a step towards the council’s ambition to reduce carbon emissions to net-zero by 2030.

On Sunday (September 19) the community of Hurst Road held a street partys to mark the day which included a range of community activities held on the road which was closed for the day.

Resident Margot Fitzgerald, who was on the street planning team, said, “We were celebrating car free week in Eastbourne combined with a get together street party.

“It was a magical day despite a wet start. Sports day was fun with residents heaving the rope for tug of war, evens against odds and children enjoying egg and spoon and three-legged race.

“With a street picnic and residents sheltering under the marquees eating cakes and sandwiches not deterred at all from the rain, music hour started with all manner of music from the very young to our very talented Amelie singing in her own very unique style.

“Before the end of road street barriers were opened the children scooted up and down the road, played and made pictures and had fun, enjoying the time without cars driving up and down. A special day in Hurst Road.“

New residents Mike and Justine Munson said, “Our family moved to Eastbourne from Surrey only two months ago, and have been warmly welcomed. We already feel part of a very special Hurst Road community. Yesterday’s event was a great example of that community spirit.”