Pensioner injured as bus shatters shelter glass

Emergency services at the scene
Emergency services at the scene

A PENSIONER was taken to hospital after being showered with glass when a bus drove into a stop during a busy lunch time.

The double decker collided with the town centre shelter just before 1pm on Monday, smashing one of the window panels and sending shards and a timetable sign in the direction of a 70-year-old waiting patiently for his ride home.

Police from the local road traffic unit in nearby Polegate attended the scene and later confirmed that no arrests had been made and that the smash had been an accident and not the result of any dangerous driving.

The injured man was taken to the DGH by ambulance after being hit by the falling sign.

One of the many people gathered waiting for a bus at the stop near Game and McDonalds said, “It looked like the buses rearview mirror clipped the glass and caused it to shatter.

“I hope the man is OK. He must have got quite a shock.”

NUmber 58 buses were temporarily diverted to another nearby stop while the remnants of the glass pane were cleared away.