Elderly driver cut from overturned car after collision with taxi

Emergency services at the scene
Emergency services at the scene

A CAR overturned in Old Town on Friday morning (January 27).

The vehicle was on Green Street, near the junction with Church Street, when it crashed in to a taxi and it turned on to its side at around 9.45am.

Firefighters from Eastbourne went to the scene and the road was closed while they cut the elderly driver from his car.

Red Watch manager Steve Courtage said, “It was a slow impact and it gently rolled on to its side. The man in the car was standing up because the car was on its side and we were able to make a doorway in the windscreen so he could walk out.

“He was smiling away, so I don’t think he was too badly injured.”

The man was seen by paramedics before being taken to Eastbourne DGH for a check up.

There was damage to the car including a broken suspension.

The firefighters and police stayed on the scene until Highways arrived to clear the fuel spill from the road.

The road was closed for some time because there was concern other motorists may skid on the fuel. The Gazette understands Highways were not able to respond immediately because they were dealing with icy conditions elsewhere in the county.

Sussex Cars driver Roland Groves, who was stationary when the man crashed in to the back of him, said, “It was quite a bang. I was queuing, ready to turn out on to Church Street, and I was banged from behind.

“I think he had the sun in his eyes.”

The taxi driver and his fare were uninjured in the collision but Mr Groves said he would be off the road while his back wheel was repaired.