Transport police release CCTV image after Eastbourne station bike theft


THESE are two people who British Transport Police want to interview after the theft of a bike from Eastbourne station.

The two men are wanted after a bike and the locks it was secured with were stolen from the station beteween 7am on Wednesday, January 9 and 9pm on Thursday, January 10.

British Transport Police officers have released the CCTV images in the hope that someone might come forward to help identify the men pictured.

PC Billy Burstow said: “The officers investigating these nine cases have followed a number of lines of enquiry and circulated these images on police intelligence systems to try and get names for these people, but to no avail so far.

“Now we are asking members of the public to help identify them. If you know any of these people and can tell us who they are, then we want to hear from you.”