Training week guidance with town firefighters

A young person enjoying some character-building training at Hove Fire Station
A young person enjoying some character-building training at Hove Fire Station

FIREFIGHTERS in Eastbourne are offering a one-week intensive training course to help a group of youngsters who need some guidance.

The teenagers, struggling at school, at home or in the community, will be taught some firefighting skills including rescue techniques, wearing firefighter’s breathing equipment and climbing to the top of Whitley Road training tower.

Starting on Monday (September 24) the 14 young people – aged 13-17 – will take part in the course which it’s hoped will go some way to helping them to get their lives back on track.

The LIFE project is designed to challenge young people who may benefit from spending some time within a uniformed and disciplined environment.

The scheme has been running for seven years and has helped raise the self-esteem and self-confidence of troubled teens across the county.

It also hoped by educating the young people about the consequences of arson the course will reduce fire service call-outs, fire deaths and injuries, as well as improving the safety of fire crews.

Dan Channon, arson and incident reduction team manager, said, “It’s a hard-working week and the participants are pushed to their limits, and all young people overcome personal challenges and achieve many goals.

“During the course, the participants are treated as their own ‘Watch’ and develop team work, boundaries and discipline.

“They will experience a range of activities including using ladders to climb to the top of the tower, wearing breathing apparatus, experiencing search and rescue techniques, taking part in a ‘Consequences of Actions’ session and much more.

“The course is topped off with a ‘Passing Out Parade’, with invitations sent to family and a completion certificate to take away.”

“When you consider how much money arson and road traffic collisions cost the fire service, the cost of the LIFE course is money well spent to get youngsters back on track.”

Anyone who has a responsibility for young people, whether they are an organisation, parent or guardian, can refer to the LIFE Programme.

To find out more please contact the team on 0303 999 1000 and ask for LIFE or email