Traffic lights plea at Exceat Bridge

Exceat Bridge on the A259
Exceat Bridge on the A259

A petition has been launched to have traffic lights installed at Exceat Bridge, near Seaford.

It has been organised by Alan Simonds as a way of easing traffic congestion at the site on the A259.

Mr Simonds said, “Anyone who travels to or from Eastbourne and crosses the bridge at Exceat will have experienced the traffic hold-ups and the associated frustration because of the one way nature of the bridge.

“If traffic light were installed, it would help to alleviate the problems. In the past when work has been carried out on the bridge and temporary traffic lights were installed, the traffic flow improved considerably.

“Traffic lights would be a cost effective solution compared to widening the existing bridge or building a second bridge.

Mr Simonds, of Links Close, Seaford, said the problem was particularly severe at peak times.

“Recently, traffic travelling to Seaford has been backed up as far as Friston pond,” he said. “This is only going to get worse as we move towards the summer with visitors coming to the area as it does every year.”

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