What do you think?: Labourer spots UFO in photograph

Is the glowing sphere to the right of the sun a UFO?
Is the glowing sphere to the right of the sun a UFO?

A LABOURER’S ‘mind was blown’ when he spotted a UFO in a photograph he took at a Sussex beach.

Nick Manser snapped a glorious sunset on his Nokia Lumia phone on Tuesday, June 26.

When he looked back at the photograph he saw, what appears to be, a silver sphere floating against the backdrop of a clear blue sky to the right of the sun.

Nick said: “It’s all very mind-blowing. I can’t really believe it could be a plane or a balloon. You can see a plane’s wings, you can see a balloon basket; a Chinese lantern, possibly.

“We can’t be the only people here, can we? With the amount of technology we have, with what’s been going on with new satellites and telescopes, it’s entirely possible.”

Nick, of First Avenue, Lancing, described himself as ‘a bit of a believer’ and said he watched documentaries about UFOs on television.

He was with his son Zachary, six, when the picture was taken, at Shoreham Beach, and said he could not see anything unusual in the sky.

“There was another chap stood a few feet away from me doing the same thing,” said Nick. “I wonder if he saw anything.”

He added that a couple of years ago, when he was living in Hangleton, he spotted a glowing red orb in the direction of Stanmer Park which hovered, moved slowly and then ‘shot vertically up’.

One possible explanation is that the sphere is a lens flare. Photographs of very bright light sources, such as the sun, can lead to visible artefacts appearing in the picture.

This paper has contacted the Mutual UFO Network for comment.