£8 million plans for a new hotel in Eastbourne

A major hotel company is planning on opening a new hotel in Eastbourne as part of a £165 million seaside and coastal town expansion programme.

Monday, 22nd July 2019, 10:37 am
Eastbourne seafront

It would be Travelodge’s second hotel in Eastbourne, with one currently in Willingdon Drove, and would represent an investment of £8 million and create 25 new jobs in the community.

The company, which says Eastbourne is a “key growth area” for tourism, is searching for the best location in town to open its new hotel.

Tony O’ Brien, Travelodge UK development director said, “Eastbourne is attracting record visitor numbers year on year, however there is a shortage of branded good quality and low cost accommodation within the area. Therefore to help fulfil this demand, we are looking for another hotel site in Eastbourne.

“It is good news for the local community. Research shows on average our customers spend double their room rate with local businesses which annually results in a multimillion boost for the local economy.

“We are seeing the rebirth of British seaside resorts and coastal towns as a result of Britons changing holiday habits. We are becoming a strong Staycation nation that likes to take lots of short breaks throughout the year rather than a traditional two week block holiday and Eastbourne is a key destination for us.”

Mr O’ Brien said, “To kick start our search for a second hotel in Eastbourne we are writing to Eastbourne Borough Council to see if we can play a pivotal role in their regeneration programme like we have done in Rhyl.

“Investing in a low-cost hotel like Travelodge is an increasingly attractive choice, as it draws visitors, creates jobs and helps boost the local economy.”

This comes as Travelodge celebrates its 20th anniversary of being beside the seaside this year. The company opened its first seaside hotel in Brighton in 1999 and has recently opened its 36th seaside resort hotel at Rhyl beach.

To mark this milestone anniversary the company announces today (July 22) it wants to expand in a further 26 seaside and coastal town locations – which includes opening a second hotel in Eastbourne.

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