Major disruption on trains between Eastbourne, Lewes, and Hastings

There is major disuption on the rails due to a electricity supply failure this morning (June 10).

Monday, 10th June 2019, 8:31 am
Southern Rail

Southen Rail says journeys between Lewes, Eastbourne, and Hastings will be “heavily impacted” by the failure, which happened at Eastbourne station.

The rail operator says bus replacements have been requested from its suppliers to run between Lewes, Eastbourne and Hastings.

Southern Rail tweeted at about 5.30am this morning, “Trains are currently unable to enter or depart Eastboune station.

“Trains may be cancelled or delayed. A normal service is expected to resume from 07:00.”

Then at around 7am the company tweeted, “Journeys between Lewes and Eastbourne / Hastings will be heavily impacted due to a failure of the electricity supply.”

At about 7.30am Southern said some services can now run via Eastbourne, but they can only access some of the platforms. As a result fewer trains are able to run to and from this station.

Services may be subject to delays of up to 30 minutes or will be terminated/started at Hampden Park.

A normal service is expected to resume at midday.

National Rail said, “A failure of the electricity supply at Eastbourne station is resulting in disruption to trains this morning.

“There has also been a train fault on the Eastbourne - Ashford International route, and this has led to the cancellation of additional services on this line. Suppliers have been asked to provide additional buses to run at the Ashford end of this route, as well as those already in place at Eastbourne and Hastings.”