Traders’s frustration over ‘forgotten road’

Terminus Road Eastbourne. Near to seafront facing approx west January 15th 2013 E03070P
Terminus Road Eastbourne. Near to seafront facing approx west January 15th 2013 E03070P

Traders in a town centre road have said the removal of a market outside their shops has had a detrimental affect on business and that not enough is being done to promote the area.

A market was set up at the top end of Terminus Road by the seafront in August last year but moved 10 weeks later to outside Debenhams and TJ Hughes on a Wednesday. Many traders at the original location say they were promised it would return.

Jimmy Keeley, of Bobsters gift shop, said he had tried to set up a family fun event to promote the area but this had fallen on deaf ears, adding, “Where the pedestrian area stops by TJ Hughes that’s like a barrier to the town. With the market where it is now people come down, see the market and don’t think there’s anything else to offer.”

Steve Kedwell of What a Gift said it had affected trade, while Margaret Jahan-Ara, of Central Eating, said, “The whole point of the market was to get people to this end of town.

“It used to be the best day we had and now it’s the worst.”

Referring to the original market Tim Tradewell, owner of Secret Garden and director of the Eastbourne Street Market Company Ltd, said, “It’s operation was very challenging, we had an issue with the wind, road closures and bus diversions and we had a depleting market this time last year.

“We do hope to get the market to run from the seafront end down to Debenhams but it will take time.”

He added that he was unaware of any family fun event plans and that no promises were made for the market to return.

A council spokesperson said, “The Terminus Road Corridor (from the railway station to the seafront) is identified in the Town Centre Local Plan as a principal street and it acknowledges that there is potential for enhancements to the existing retail offer and recognises the need to improve links and accessibility across the Town Centre.”

The plan will be discussed in October.