Trader is left frustrated after business is hit

Jacqueline Jackson next to the damaged window at Roots Urban Farmshop SUS-140317-121924001
Jacqueline Jackson next to the damaged window at Roots Urban Farmshop SUS-140317-121924001

A trader who went to open his town centre business on Sunday to find it had been targeted by vandals has called the crime ‘depressing’

Colin Pettett, who runs Roots Urban Farmshop in Grove Road with son Brandon, turned up to find the window had been left badly cracked and as a result some of the produce had to be thrown away.

Mr Pettett said, “I came in and found glass everywhere.

“It was quite unpleasant for first thing on a Sunday morning.”

The Eastbourne resident said the incident happened in the early hours of Sunday morning and he has contacted police about the crime.

The business, which advertises itself online ‘an urban farmshop, deli, greengrocer, coffee shop and greasy spoon all rolled into one’, has been open 20 months and the recent crime has left Mr Pettett frustrated.

He said, “When we opened there was not a shop in the town likes us.

“For a new business we are not doing too bad.

“I don’t want to be negative but it is vandalism.”

The incident meant the business had to open its doors later than usual on Sunday and that the window, which has a grass design on it, will have to be replaced.

The business owner said the window would be replaced by today (Tuesday) or Wednesday and that the store was open as usual to customers. He said nothing was stolen from the business but said the incident was ‘depressing’, adding, “Fragments of glass were everywhere and we had to throw away a lot of stuff as it went on the deli.

“Fortunately I was there at 8am and I was able to call a few people to help clean up.

“It’s just depressing, we’re a new business.

“It’s frustrating.”

The Herald reported last month how another business in the town had been targeted by culprits four times this year.

Gayle Cosgrove of Cambridge & Co in Cornfield Road said she had shelled out thousands after vandals smashed her window, damaged the door and stole items from the shop this year.

She told the Herald in February that she had updated CCTV and had to pay for repairs but was at the end of her tether following a fourth attack, in which the window was left badly cracked. Anyone with information on the incident at Roots Urban Farmshop should contact police on 101. To find out more about the farmshop visit: