Toxic dust clouds over Eastbourne

Smog over Eastbourne SUS-151004-102042001
Smog over Eastbourne SUS-151004-102042001

Toxic dust clouds from the Sahara are hanging over Eastbourne today, causing a ‘dangerously high’ level of pollution in the town today (Friday, April 10).

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said the south east of England is expected to suffer from very extreme levels of air pollution.

However, in Eastbourne, pollution levels are so bad that the Met Office colour scale was broken as the air quality index prediction hit 10/10.

A DEFRA spokesperson said, “This is due to locally generated particulate matter combining with pollution blown in from the near continent – and a contribution from Saharan dust.

“The pollution is expected to have cleared by Saturday morning and we will be regularly updating with the latest forecast and health advice.”