Town takes the plunge for the Big Swim fundraiser

big swim
big swim

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) says its second Big Sea Swim held off Eastbourne beach was a huge success with 51 swimmers taking the plunge and raising more than £2,500.

The Big Swim was held on July 13, with a balmy air temperature in the mid-20s.

“The weather was a huge improvement on last year when we had abandon the 3km course because of the choppy waters,” said Tori William, MCS community fundraising officer. “This year 17 competitors swam the 1km course and an amazing 34 did the longer course.

“It really is a great day, whatever the weather, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without local support from the Eastbourne Seafront Office, the Eastbourne Voluntary Lifeguards and Swimtrek. Register now and you’ve plenty of time to train.”

So far the event has raised more than £2,500 for MCS.

The first three home in the 1km course were Adrian Gaylon, Louise Knight and John Pullman who all swam it in less than 27 minutes. For the 3km course, the first three to cross the line were Clinton Pascoe and Ian White who both completed the course in under 41 minutes quickly followed by Lee Knightley who completed it a second off 42 minutes.

To see the full results from the event, or register for the Big Sea Swim 2015, visit