Town starts to benefit from recycling success

RESIDENTS in Eastbourne have been praised for unprecedented levels of recycling.

When kerbside collections were introduced in 2003 the recycling rate was a lowly seven per cent.

However, thanks to a number of initiatives, the rate has increased considerably, peaking at more than 36 per cent during the summer of 2010.

A delighted Councillor Steve Wallis, Eastbourne Borough Council’s lead member for the environment heaped praise on people who recycle.

He said, “Residents in Eastbourne can now recycle eight different items at the kerbside, the most in East Sussex.

“Increased amounts of recycling has also benefited the town financially, with an estimated £450,000 of income being generated through the sale of top-quality materials that can be recycled back into can, paper and glass. This would not be possible without the wonderful efforts of local residents.”

Councillor Wallis has also now completed his cradle to grave journey of what happens to products once placed in the green recycling box.

He added, “I am an avid recycler, who has also spent time with SITA recycling teams, visited the waste depot at Westham, as well as the glass recycling plant in Harlow, Essex.

“I have witnessed what happens to items once placed in the green box and followed the process right through to the newly manufactured product.”