Town’s Millennium Clock set for repairs

The Millenium Clock in Terminus Road Eastbourne outside Superdrug. January 17th 2013 E03214P
The Millenium Clock in Terminus Road Eastbourne outside Superdrug. January 17th 2013 E03214P

The Millennium Clock in Eastbourne town centre is to be repaired.

Thr clock, outside Superdrug in the pedestrianised precinct of Terminus Road, hasn’t been working for some years and is being given a facelift by the Eastbourne Town Team.

“It might only be a clock, but for us it says the right things,” said Lucy Newport from the Town Team.

“Like the town’s changing, getting better, moving into a new era, pushing forward – and besides, what’s the point of a clock which doesn’t work? A broken clock misrepresents this new Eastbourne and the momentum we are building.

“Some people might disagree, of course, but perhaps a third of the people we spoke to at our Big Ideas Weekend in the summer wanted our town centre to look more appealing. We thought, let’s start with that clock.

“There’s no central meeting place in Eastbourne, and we like the idea of lovers meeting under the clock. So perhaps it will take on a new life once it’s moving again.”

MP Stephen Lloyd said, “I am absolutely delighted the Town Team is fixing our town centre clock. Eastbourne’s heyday was in the Victorian era but the way we are all pulling together, across the community, over so many issues means our future is looking incredibly positive.

“This is a nice touch by Lucy and her colleagues on the Eastbourne Town Team.”

Lucy and her team of local traders, services and experts have been awarded £100,000 by Eastbourne Borough Council to implement projects which rejuvenate the town centre, inspired by the Government’s Portas review.

Projects now being planned include a community events scheme, where anyone with an idea for a sustainable event which will draw people to the town centre, can apply for seed funding.

For traders a new Knowledge Hub will be launched to provide expert advice and ideas.