Town’s cinema will survive

L-R: Curzon House Manager Salam Niwa  & Curzon Owner Roy Galloway SUS-140511-150941001
L-R: Curzon House Manager Salam Niwa & Curzon Owner Roy Galloway SUS-140511-150941001

The Curzon Cinema says it will survive and rise to the challenge of competing against Cineworld when it moves to the new multiplex in the extended Arndale Centre.

The move into a brand new purpose-built digital cinema will take place in late 2017 or early 2018, once the Arndale extension is completed.

When the Herald published the story two weeks ago, many said they were concerned about the town’s independent cinema in Langney Road.

This week, owner Roy Galloway and the house manager Salam Niwa said they realised the first few months would be a struggle but they were positive about the future of the Langney Road cinema.

Mr Galloway, who has run the cinema for 27 years, said, “It was a struggle 25 years ago when the multiplex, the called The Canon, opened up at the Crumbles.

“Back then, in 1990, multiplexes were the new thing and everyone wanted to try them.

“When Cineworld moves to the Arndale it will affect us, of course it will, because people will want to try it out.

“However, we are well known and well liked as a family cinema. People tell us there is a friendly atmosphere here and we hope that will ensure people continue to come here.

“We are also able to compete on price.”

Mr Galloway said there was room in Eastbourne for two cinemas.

He said, “These days there are 11 or 12 films released every week. No cinema can put on all of those films so there will always be some left over.

“We also show art house films, French films and have Eastbourne Film Society here once a week.”

The Curzon opened in 1920 and Mr Galloway said he felt sure it would celebrate its 100th anniversary.

The cinema has made improvement over the years including digital sound and pictures. It has recently installed better lighting and plans to update its seating in the future.

The cinema also has a licence to sell alcohol but does not sell liquor currently.

Mr Galloway said he and Mr Niwa had options when attracting more customers.