Town’s broken clock is ‘embarrassment’

A CLOCK in Seaford’s town centre should be taken down because it hasn’t worked for years.

That’s the view of one frustrated resident who said the gift to the town has not been ticking along as it should for some time.

The clock was handed over to the town council in 2005 and was placed outside the council’s offices which were then based at Hurdis House in Broad Street. The presentation marked the centenary of the Rotary movement.

Isla Sitwell, former president of the Rotary Club of Seaford, said the organisation had been in contact with the council about getting the clock fixed and believed the problem would be resolved soon. He added, “It is an embarrassment.

“We have been in contact for quite some time. As far as we’re aware there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Ben King, project and facilities manager at Seaford Town Council, added, “Unfortunately budget has not been allocated for these repairs, which is the main cause of the delay.

“We had a number of problems with the clock in 2010/11 and I believed these problems could be easily rectified but at that stage this had not been budgeted for.

“Having received prices for the work earlier this year the costs were significantly higher than anticipated and are being considered again; due to the significant additional cost compared to what was anticipated, certain savings are being considered, mainly in sourcing alternative access equipment to facilitate the contractors repairs. I do hope however to have the clock back to full working order by September/October.”