Tory call for family friendly wi-fi

Pornography is freely available in Eastbourne, according to Tory MP hopeful Caroline Ansell, who is calling on business owners to take action to make it not so accessible.

At three cafes in the town centre the prospective candidate visited, she said she was able to access obscene material on her smart phone free of charge. “It was quite a shock for me to be able to go into these places frequented by young people and access pornography,” she said. “I urge all shops and organisations in Eastbourne to have a robust filter on their wi-fi system.”

Nick Morris at Beanzz Café said, “I was deeply shocked pornography could be accessed through our wi-fi. We changed our settings immediately and these sites are unavailable through our connection.

“We are a family friendly wi-fi space and I hope other businesses will follow our lead.”