Torchbearers’ joy at representing Sussex

THE SUN shone as Olympic torchbearers from Seaford enjoyed their moment in the spotlight.

Clouds lifted and the rain stayed away as Kate Steer and Daniel Crowley represented Sussex last Tuesday (July 17).

First up was 20-year-old Daniel who took part in the Crowborough stretch.

The Carlton Road resident volunteers two days a week at Annecy School in Seaford and has also spent time in an orphanage in Malawi..

He was cheered on by his brother,mum, dad and friends.

He said, “It was absolutely amazing, I was completely blown away by it all. It went past my expectations of what I thought it would be like. I was the first one running from Crowborough and I had to take the Olympic flame from the lantern. It was quite a special moment to do it from that.”

Daniel, who has also received an Achiever’s Award in the Courageous Young Person category for helping a family of four whose car had overturned and flipped onto its roof, added, “It’s like five minutes of being extremely famous, which is really strange.

“I work at Annecy School and the children I help in school were able to watch on the live cam.”

Kate Steer was lucky enough to have school pupils cheer her on as she ran her leg in Eastbourne.

The 52-year-old, who has been volunteering at Seaford Primary School for years and helping out with the choir, said, “It was just phenomenal from the moment it started.

“We met at Sussex Downs College and met all the people taking part in the Eastbourne leg. You had the chance to speak to the person you were handing it over to and heard people’s stories in a bit more depth.

“The kids were there and they were brilliant, they made banners and were singing.”

Elsewhere 12-year-old Danny Rowe took his turn to represent Sussex on Wednesday.

The Cuckmere House School pupil had his moment in the spotlight during the Hastings leg. He had put forward for his determination and because it would be a much-needed boost.