Top tips to avoid burglaries and stay safe this Christmas


Security specialists have released a series of tips to help Eastbourne residents protect their homes this Christmas.

Burglaries increase by up to 20 per cent during the winter months, particularly in December with presents laid out under the tree in plain sight of passers-by.

In Eastbourne last year, there were 48 reported burglaries during the month of December and so, to ensure less Christmases are ruined by this sort of crime, home security specialists Yale have offered their advice.

Identity fraud is also more frequent during the festive period as the increase in larger purchases, online shopping and a busy social calendar mean people are less likely to notice unusual activity on their account. It is advised to keep all receipts together and in a safe place or, if throwing them away, to ensure to shred them thoroughly.

Recent years have seen a rise in outdoor thefts, with burglars targeting sheds and outbuildings that are not alarmed. A weather-proof padlock will deter burglars and keep any belongings inside locked away safe.

With many family and friends visiting, as well as the occasional carol singers, residents may find themselves opening their front door more times than usual. It’s advised to look through the ‘spy hole’ and put on the chain to avoid accidentally opening the door to a burglar.

The final tip offered by the security specialists is to not advertise presents on full view of people on the street outside.