Today’s the day for the Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival

JPEE Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival
JPEE Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival

THE Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival takes plac later today with organisers expecting thousands of spectators to line the seafront route of the parade.

Proceedings kick off at 4pm with road closures being put in place from 2pm. The procession itself starts at Beach Road with floats processing along the seafront to the Wish Tower.

Here’s a message from the organisers ahead of today’s carnival.

“We want you all to have a great time so we’ve put together a few bits and bobs of advice to make the event more enjoyable.

The carnival procession starts at the junction of Beach Road and Royal Parade and proceeds to the Wish Tower.

It might be best to avoid areas where it is known that a lot of people congregate such as the Pier and the Bandstand.

Please note that pedestrian crossings will be out of use during the road closure.

Please do not throw coins but place them in the official buckets that are being carried.

Official collectors will be recognisable. Some collectors will be using fishing nets to collect money but, again, will be recognisable.

Please do NOT put money in unofficial buckets.

There are NO traders in the parade. Please do not be deceived into buying merchandise etc.

Anything given out during the parade is free so do NOT pay a vendor as they are likely to be unofficial.

Do not encroach into the road and parade route. We must maintain a red route for emergency services and very often the best view will be from afar rather than right beside the floats.

Advise your families of a meeting place should you become detached from each other. In the event of a lost person, seek assistance from a marshall or police officer.

If you parked a vehicle at the start of the event, please make sure that you are back at Five Acre Field before 10.30pm as the field will be locked and you will not be able to retrieve your vehicle until the next day.”

And here is a Carnival fact file about what to expect on the day:

1. What time will the road closures begin?

Road closures commence at 2pm.

2. What time will the Carnival start?

The Carnival starts at 4pm.

3. What’s the route?

The procession starts from Beach Road and ends at the Wish Tower Slopes.

4. How is the money divided?

Half the proceeds from the bucket collection will be donated to ten of the charities who have taken part – and the other half will be set aside for next year’s Carnival so we can make sure the Carnival returns.

There are no traders in the parade and anything given out is free. We advise therefore that spectators do not put any money in unofficial buckets – as this will not go towards the charities or next years Carnival.

5. What’s going on at the Wish Tower Slopes?

From 4pm to 6.30pm there will be live music played by some of the best young local bands at the Wish Tower Slopes thanks to the team at SQ Magazine. The stage will also be used to present prizes to the Best in Show, Best Carnival Commerical Float, Best Carnival Charity Float and Best Walking Entry. These will be judged at 3.30pm by a team led by the Pageant Master and presentations made at the Wish Tower Slopes at the conclusion of the carnival at approximately 6.30pm.

At the same time we will be holding the draw for the ten charities that will each receive 5% of the bucket collection

6. Where do I park my car?

Car parking is available for entrants on 5 acre field, which is located opposite the KFC outlet between Tesco’s roundabout and Sovereign Centre roundabout.

If you are dropping someone off who is entering the carnival you will be able to leave the Sovereign Centre roundabout at the Wartling Road exit where the person you are dropping off will be able to walk through the park to the form up area 7. I’ve heard that there’s a free bus to get me back?

There is a courtesy bus service run by Stagecoach to return people who have parked their car at 5 acre field. This will leave from Wilmington Square.

8. What are the arrangements for lost children?

In the event of a lost or found child, contact the nearest steward who will tell you exactly what to do. If you have lost the child, please stay with the steward as you are the only one with all the information that we need to help find your child.

9. Can I please be a steward?

Absolutely – call us on 01323 733 030 and we will provide you with details.

10.What happens if it rains?

Eastbourne is the Sunniest Town in the UK – so we obviously anticipate glorious weather. In the unlikely event it rains – the Carnival will likely still take place – so bring an umbrella!