There is life after cancer says sufferer

Val Fillery and her dogs SUS-140721-113353001
Val Fillery and her dogs SUS-140721-113353001

Cancer survivor Val Fillery is keen to spread the positive message that there can be life after cancer.

After her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012, Val’s mother passed away at the age of 85.

Shortly afterwards she was diagnosed herself with breast cancer but she and her husband have come through the other side after a fraught last few years and she is keen to share her experience with other sufferers.

“Both my husband and I are leading near-normal lives now, maybe with even more gusto and certainly lots of gratitude and thanks,” she said.

“Life is short but is there to enjoy. If anyone is experiencing a rough patch in their lives, just remember it will improve.”

After Val’s husband was diagnosed they decided it would be best for him to have a prostatectomy.

The procedure aims to totally remove the gland and surrounding tissues as opposed to treatment aimed at shrinking the cancerous cells.

The surgery was a success and while Val’s normally-active husband had to take significant time off work, he is pleased to be back working as hard as before.

Val’s shock news came in August last year. Luckily the cancer was caught early and a resulting lumpectomy to remove the cancerous lump was a success.

Val was back home the same day as the surgery and returned to work just two weeks later.

She says her friends were shocked to see how well she had recovered in such a short space of time, while Val insists her positive outlook helped hugely.

“We never really appreciate the good times unless we experience challenges and low moments,” she added. There is life after cancer and it can still be fun.”