The show must go on for choir without leader

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A choir is pressing on with its concert despite the absence of its musical director following a skiing accident.

One year into his role as musical director of Eastbourne’s Phoenix Choir, Michael Fields experienced a fall while skiing in the Italian Alps this Christmas.

He suffered a badly broken shoulder and as a result, Michael will be out of action for some weeks.

He is having to step aside from conducting the choir’s forthcoming concert.

Brian Newman, musical director of Heathfield Choral Society and Phoenix’ contingency conductor, will come to the rescue which means the choir’s concert will be able to go ahead on February 2.

Michael Fields said, “Having to step down from conducting this wonderful music is almost as painful for me emotionally as the break was physically, but I’m happy to be leaving the choir in such secure hands.

“ I know Brian will put a final polish on the work the choir has done over the last three months, and lead an energetic and convincing interpretation of these two great choral masterpieces.

“’l will be happy to sit in the audience and enjoy the experience from that perspective.”

The works being performed are Duruflé’s Requiem, and Poulenc’s Gloria - two masterpieces of 20th century French music.

The Phoenix Choir will be joined by Eastbourne Symphony Orchestra.

This is a new collaboration between the two musical groups in the town.

The concert willtake place on Saturday, February 2 at 7.30pm in All Saints Church, Grove Road.

Tickets cost £10. Visit or call 484368.

The choir will also do a retiring collection to raise money for it chosen charity, Eastbourne Prostate Cancer Suppport Group.