Thanks to all who helped with deer, and meet our kingfisher

Our rescuers attended a deer after reports of it being stuck attached to wire and its antlers entangled after running off after being hit by a vehicle.

Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 9:09 am
Updated Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 10:11 am
Kingfisher from Hadlow Down SUS-180711-091526001
Kingfisher from Hadlow Down SUS-180711-091526001

Sadly the injuries were too severe and it had to be dispatched in a nearby field.

The driver and landowner were amazing as were neighbours who came and helped.

Thank you to deer specialists Chris and Sylvia for attending and helping with the rescue.

Kingfisher from Hadlow Down SUS-180711-091536001

We have had one the of UK’s most beautifully coloured birds come into our casualty centre last week.

A stunning kingfisher was admitted after being rescued at Hadlow Down after being caught by a cat.

There were a few wounds but we are hopefully for a quick recovery with antibiotic treatment.

Having some nice weather last week meant that we were able to get some birds out for release.

Deer entangled in wire SUS-180711-091515001

Two feral pigeons and a dove were returned to Eastbourne as well as one to Hailsham.

Two juvenile wood pigeons have been sent out to their release pen, one of which is from Seahaven Bird Rescue which we were happy to release for them as it gave ours some company as well.

We have a bit of a miracle pigeon which has survived.

He came in just about fledged, with a badly broken tibiotarsus, but also a tick on his head - which is often fatal to birds - a pox lesion on his eyelid and a very nasty extensive deep wound on his right shoulder.

We really weren’t sure if it was fair on him to try treatment, but as he was well behaved and sensible we took it day by day, keeping him closely confined at first to allow the leg fracture to stabilise.

Although his injuries healed, the pox lesion got so bad it covered his whole eye, and we were starting to think the worst, then it all dropped off, leaving him perfect.

We have been test flying him over the last three weeks, and this week he told us he was ready for the outside world.

A nice little flurry of new inpatients came in this week.

In just one morning we had two swan calls-outs, making three in care at the moment.

One was on a river bank and been seen sat there for a few days, very aggressive and had some kind of substance on his feathers.

Thank you to the Swan Sanctuary for taking him on.

The second was on the roundabout next to Gardner’s Books Eastbourne, trying to cross the traffic.

We have also had three young hedgehogs from a garden in Plumpton, a nestling feral pigeon with canker and suffering from breathing difficulties, a young wood pigeon delivered with canker found in a road in Seaford, and also a kestrel amongst others.

Four of our hand reared hedgehogs have gone into outdoor pens to acclimatise as well and we have released a female pheasant who came in unable to use her legs at all.

Our Christmas fair is not far away now, and happening on December 2 at East Dean Village Hall.

The doors open at 2pm and the event goes on till 5pm.

There will be drinks and refreshments available.

If you are after Christmas cards we have some WRAS cards available from our charity shop in Terminus Road Eastbourne not far from TJ Hughes.

You may have been that Sussex Police have issued a press release asking for information about a lady who they would like to speak to about a number of items stolen from our charity shop.

There have been a number of people who have been in touch and we hope that the person responsible has been identified and hope the police take action.

Thank you to everyone who got in touch.

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