Temporary schools to be built in Nepal thanks to Esther Benjamin Trust

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The Esther Benjamin Trust, which has received great support from the people of Eastbourne, has agreed to fund 15 temporary schools for earthquake victims in Nepal.

The charity usually works against trafficking, which takes place in the remote rural area of Makwanpur.

However, since the earthquakes it has shifted its focus to helping victims of the natural disasters.

The charity’s chief executive Ian Kerr lives in Eastbourne and has been working locally to raise as much money as possible.

The Herald is following the charity’s efforts and calling on the town’s people to help the cause.

This week, Ian told the Herald, “Last night we agreed to fund 15 temporary schools at the request of the Nepal education authorities.

“This will provide two classroom while a school that is unsafe or been demolished entirely by the earthquake is rebuilt.”

The classrooms being provided by the Esther Benjamin Trust will be made of bamboo.

Each one costs £1,100 to buy and will provide accommodation for about 100 children.

The cost of transporting the temporary units and erecting them will also need to be covered.

Ian said he was pleased to have agreed to the funding and added, “Not only will this allow education to continue but as we are working a trafficking area it will be a major step to keep children safe from any child traffickers.”

Last week the Herald reported food and blankets had been delivered to Nepali villages by the Trust. Now, Esther Benjamin hopes Herald readers can help to fund the temporary schools.

To help call Ian Kerr on 07860 341 359 or email ian.kerr@ebtrust.org.uk