RACE NIGHT: Telscombe Residents Association are holding the Sixth Annual Telscombe Race Night on Saturday November 17, at the Telscombe Civic Centre, 6.30pm for a 7pm start. Prices have been held at £6 per ticket, which includes entry, a race card and a finger buffet. There will also be a licensed pay bar, and a raffle. Tickets on sale now, please contact Chris on 01273 583213 or 07866 301908. All are welcome and we look forward to greeting you on the night.

Friday, 28th September 2018, 6:00 am

RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION: Telscombe Residents’ Association meet on the first Thursday of each month from 7.15pm to 9.15pm in the Civic Centre. Email the secretary at christinebowman [email protected] for a copy of the meeting agenda.

SUPPORT GROUP: Breast Cancer Support Group meet on the first Wednesday of each month from 1pm to 3.30pm in the Civic Centre. Contact email: [email protected]

YOGA: With Natalie Heath every Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm in the Civic Centre. This class is back after the summer break on Tuesday September 4. Contact Natalie Heath email: [email protected] phone: 07738538094.

LIVING LIGHT PILATES: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning in the Civic Centre. £6.50 per class or class pass for £44 (eight classes plus one free session). Contact Nicola Murray-Smith email: [email protected] phone: 07776 457752.

FITNESS PILATES: Every Monday morning and Thursday evening in the Civic Centre. Get fit, tone up, prevent back pain, improve flexibility and posture. Equipment provided, just bring some water. Only £6 per class or £40 for eight weeks. Contact Jennie Palmer email: [email protected] phone: 07825 702775.

YOGA: Every Monday from 7.15pm to 8.15pm in the Civic Centre. Contact Jane email: [email protected] phone: 07703 167895.

DANCE CLASS: Little Stars Pre-School Dance Class for pre-school children aged 2 to 4 years, every Tuesday 9am to 9.30am at the Civic Centre. £3.50 per session. Contact Anneli Smith 07930 490058.

HALLOWEEN PARTY: Saturday October 27, 7pm to 9pm in the Civic Centre. Come along and enjoy the fun at our kids party. Ticket price £3 per person (adult and child) to include a hot dog and soft drink. Party games and entertainment provided by Unique Kids Parties. Contact email: [email protected] phone: 01273 589777.

TELSCOMBE TOWN COUNCIL: We are pleased to announce that the newly refurbished Chatsworth North playground off Kirby Drive in Telscombe is now open. We hope you enjoy the new equipment.

FOOTNOTES: The woman standing next to me in the paper shop was most indignant as she described her holiday experiences across the counter. ‘The sheets in that hotel were damp, that’s what give me my arthritis, I swear’. I must confess, I sympathised. Over the years I have stayed in boarding houses, guest houses, and then as my career progressed, hotels, at first small until I was able to insist on large ones. After a summer season in Lowestoft, aged twenty, I returned home suffering from pleurisy, caught, almost certainly from the damp sheets of the boarding house I had been staying in. Most theatrical digs in fairness were reasonable, but occasionally, one would run into trouble. One dark and wet night, arriving in Portsmouth very late, after checking with the theatre for any digs available and being told there was none, I was too late, I fell back on my taxi driver and asked him if he knew of anywhere. Dubiously, he said he knew of a place, but wasn’t sure if they would take actors. Anyway he deposited me outside a house near the city centre. I was greeted amiable enough and assured they had a room to let. I rather nervously explained that I was an actor working for the next three weeks at the Theatre Royal. The woman who ran the place brushed it all aside, saying ‘Oh, don’t worry about that dear. We’re very Bohemian here. Sometimes we even sit on the floor’. I spent a very happy three weeks with her, her husband and her large brood of children. They both took up my offer of complimentary tickets, and for the first time in their lives watched a live play in a theatre. They lived frugally. The tablecloth was the previous days newspaper, and before using the outside toilet, a piece would be ripped from it. But there was always a warm supper waiting for me late at night and a breakfast that took account of a nineteen year old’s appetite. When I left, the whole family came to the door to see me off. I left their address on the green room notice board, with a glowing reference. I didn’t return to Portsmouth for some years, in a leading role and now in a position to stay at a city hotel, but I never forgot them, and that tablecloth. Have a splendid week, go safely where ever your life takes you.