Teenagers ride child bikes for JPK Project

Billy Boots and Ben Hall with Bill Plumridge and Jill Parker SUS-150430-164537001
Billy Boots and Ben Hall with Bill Plumridge and Jill Parker SUS-150430-164537001

Two teenagers took on a 20-mile cycle ride on a child’s bike to raise money for the JPK project.

Billy Boots,18, and his friend Ben Hall, 17 undertook the arduous ride on April 25 to raise cash for a residential centre for people with a learning disability.

Jill Parker, founder of the JPK project, said, “You all know about the hills from Brighton to Eastbourne, but they had a further challenge by riding kids’ bikes and all achieved in three-and-a-half hours, which also included assisting at a car accident.”

Billy and Ben were welcomed and congratulated at the finish line at Eastbourne Arndale Centre by Bill Plumridge, centre manager, Jill Parker and theor friends and family.

Billy has long supported The JPK Project and this is his latest fundraising attempt for the charity.

He told the Gazette, “Four years ago I ran/walked the distance with another friend Wezley and since have abseiled the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth and skydived from 12,000 feet for the JPK.

“However, this challenge has to be one of the most physically demanding.

“Ben and I are extremely grateful for the tremendous support we received on route from family and friends, the amazing support from the public of Eastbourne.

“We undertook the challenge in the knowledge that we were completing something small that would make a massive difference to so many lives, of those unable to do it themselves.

“The JPK Supported Living Centre is a brilliant charity that is much for people like you and me, who want to be able to live independently with their friends, but are less able to do the basic things in life that we all take for granted.”

Jill Parker’s daughter Katie has a learning disability and she has worked tirelessly for many years to help Katie and others like her.

The JPK Project has bought the former Edgmond Church site in Old Town.

The charity has planning permission to build a residential centre on the site , complete with tea rooms, bakery, communal areas and a charity shop.

Mrs Parker says the centre will not only be a home for people with learning disabilities but a facility for the local community.

Fundraising for the project is now at a vital stage and Mrs Parker says the charity needs as much money as possible to get the residential centre up and running.

She has thanked Billy and Ben for their efforts.

She said, “I am extremely grateful to Billy and Ben for planning and undertaking their sponsored fundraising event for the JPK and to everyone who supported them.

“You have all made a difference.”

There is still time to sponsor Billy and Ben by visiting www.justgiving.com/bzebikeride.

For more information about The JPK Project and to donate to the charity at any time visit www.thejpkproject.co.uk.