Teenager punched man on her 18th

A teenager had an unpleasant 18th birthday present after falling foul of the law for punching a man in a nightclub when he made comments about her late niece.

Chelsea Puttock lashed out following an argument with John Wentworth at a town centre nightclub. Eastbourne magistrates heard the teenager punched him to the side of his face and a ring on her finger caused a cut to the 19-year-old’s face.

Puttock, who turned 18 on the day of the offence, pleaded guilty to assault by beating. Magistrates accepted a basis of plea that the Hickling Close resident had not headbutted the victim but had punched him.

Anthony Waller, defending, said Mr Wentworth had also been making comments on Twitter about one of the defendant’s friends, adding, “She asked him three times to stop. She was under extreme provocation. February 26 was her 18th birthday. There was a little bit of alcohol involved. She accepts she did have some alcohol and it’s a combination of these factors that caused her to behave in the way she would not normally behave in. She is going back to college and she’s trying to get on with her life.”

She was ordered to pay £70 compensation to Mr Wentworth and was fined £50.