Teenager cautioned for Seaford burglary

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A 16-year-old boy from Newhaven has been cautioned by police following a burglary in Seaford.

The boy was interviewed by police after a small amount of cash and tobacco was taken from a house in Richmond Terrace around 2pm on Sunday last week (July 21).

Sergeant Stuart Mullins said, “This was a very opportunistic offence and the youth involved was very quickly identified and interviewed about the matter.

“The circumstances do underline the importance of being especially careful during the summer when many people leave windows and doors open.

“Sussex Police are currently running Operation Sunshine which is a crime prevention initiative around taking care not to leave your home a target for thieves during hot weather.

“Leaflets are available from the local station, but in a nutshell the warning is not to leave your home insecure even if you are just out in the garden.”