Teenage girl gets ASBO

asbo girl
asbo girl

A teenager who has caused significant problems in Eastbourne with her threatening and abusive behaviour has been given an Anti Social Behaviour Order.

Magistrates imposed the order on Courtney Birmingham, 18, who lives in the town, on Tuesday when she appeared in court.

PC Ginny Jupp, Eastbourne’s specialist Anti Social Behaviour Officer, said, “The police and other agencies have worked for several years to address Miss Birmingham’s persistant anti social behaviour.

“Various interventions over that time have not been as effective as we all would have wished and Miss Birmingham has continued to cause significant problems in the town centre area of Eastbourne.

“Magistrates have made this order to protect the community and ensure the Queen’s peace is maintained. Breaching an ASBO is a serious matter and a criminal offence. On conviction it can carry a sentence of up to five years’ imprisonment.”

Sussex Police, who funded the civil application, are to be reimbursed by Miss Birmingham to the sum of £3,000.

There were seven conditions imposed by the court on Miss Birmingham, which included not contacting or associating with two Eastbourne women. The other were as follows not to enter any premises or land from which she knows with written confirmation that she has been banned, not to enter the grounds and buildings of Cavendish School, not to enter Terminus Road from Ashford Road down to Bankers Corner, not to use foul or abusive language in any public place, not to enter Eastbourne railway station or its car park apart from lawful ticketed travel on the railway or attending the Health Centre.

The order is to remain in force for a three year period.