Teen stars in ad campaign

Sarah Adde SUS-141021-112955001
Sarah Adde SUS-141021-112955001

An Eastbourne student is starring in a £10 million ad campaign for a mobile phone company.

Sarah Adde, 18, spotted the #BeYourOwnLabel competition on the Samsung Mobile UK Facebook page and entered by posting a selfie of herself.

Sarah, who has just finished a two-year Travel and Tourism degree and is now working in retail, was chosen as one of the two winners who are supposed to represent an ‘Alpha Briton’.

Sarah said, “Being an Alpha Briton is all about embracing your inner style and personality so I’m super excited to be one of the faces of the campaign.

“I’m a huge fan of both fashion and technology and I’m very grateful for the chance to be involved. It has given me the confidence to look into modelling as a future career path.”

Filmed on location around England, the Galaxy Alpha TV ad ‘Right Up Our Street’ is set to the soundtrack of Lily Allen’s ‘As Long As I’ve Got You’, and features the new smartphone throughout, showing it naturally entwined in the everyday lives of 56 real-life Alpha Britons – chosen to embody the spirit of new modern Britain and its stylish youth culture.

Sarah appears throughout the print, digital and out-of-home ads in the campaign, demonstrating her unique style against the tagline #BeYourOwnLabel.

Vice president of corporate marketing at Samsung UK and Ireland, Russell Taylor, said, “The Galaxy Alpha is a smartphone that pushes the boundaries in terms of its style and technology and we wanted a campaign that was culturally relevant with young minded consumers.

“In our latest commercial we cast real life Alpha Britons who have their own unique sense of style and that represent the diversity of modern Britain.”

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys interior design, baking and blogging and hopes to travel around Australia and New Zealand next year.

Other Samsung ads based around Britain make reference to ‘Swansea swagger’, ‘You’re Paris, Milan and Newcastle’ and ‘Shadwell chic’.

For more information on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, visit www.samsung.com/uk/home.