Team suffers three broken legs!

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THEY say bad luck arrives in threes and it certainly did for this girls football team as they suffered a rare hat-trick of broken legs against the same team.

Eastbourne Girls Under-18s, the champions of the Sussex County League, were all set for their biggest game of the season as they prepared to take on close rivals Hawks Under-18s in an end of season cup final.

Defender Emma Sweetman, 17, was the first casualty as she broke her right ankle in their last league game after a keenly contested 50-50 challenge.

Emma’s leg was placed in plaster and she hobbled from the hospital on crutches to cheer on her team-mates for a cup final showdown the next weekend.

Misfortune soon struck once again against the Hawks when central defender Jess Storrie, 16, broke her left leg during the opening stages of the final.

Elena South, 17, completed the unwelcome hat-trick as she broke her right ankle during injury-time.

It was definitely a case of bad luck for a match played on the 13th of the month, and to add insult to three injuries, the girls lost 2-0.

Elena, who is currently studying for her biology A-level at St Bede’s School, said, “It was painful way to end the season but at least we still won the league.

“The wait in A&E also gave me time to do some exam revision, so it was not a complete waste of time.”

Jess added, “We have been able to see the funny side and we all hope to be back playing football again in time for next season.”

There was also consolation for Chelsea fan Emma after she watched her heroes lift the European Champions League trophy following their thrilling penalty shoot-out victory against Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena on Saturday night.