Tax bus rolls in to town with MEP

A TAX BUS is rolling into town this Saturday to raises awareness of a campaign led by church groups Christian Aid and Church Action on Poverty.

The bus is travelling around the UK and stopping off in the town centre tomorrow as part of its 53- day trip and will be joined by south east MEP Keith Taylor.

The Green politician is backing the growing lobby to tackle tax dodging losses in developing countries, which costs around $160bn every year – one-and-a-half-times what they receive in international aid.

Mr Taylor will meet local campaigners and church leaders to talk about how global tax dodging is hurting poor people in the UK and overseas and what we can do to make a difference.

He said, “I’m really pleased to support the Tax Justice campaign. Tax dodging is an injustice that keeps some people poor while others get richer.

“It robs countries of the taxes they are owed; money that could be spent on essential services such as health, education and welfare.

“As a member of the EU’s Development Committee I want to find out how I can help make changes to the tax system so people across the world can live healthier, happier and less hungry lives.”