Talented Joanna inspired by ‘Emmy The Great’

Joanna Salter
Joanna Salter

A TALENTED teenager from Seaford with a passion for music has recently released her first EP.

Joanna Salter, also known as Joanna Joy, only picked up her first guitar a year ago and was inspired to follow her dreams by a fellow musician friend.

The 18-year-old said, “We decided that it would be a nice idea just to chill in a park in Brighton one day in summer and record one of the songs I’d written.

“I write in different moods, so the style varies a lot. I feel very inspired by ‘Emmy The Great’ at the moment.”

Her friend was starting a music label and wanted to launch the label with Joanna, including her music.

From then on her career began to expand and she released her EP Bottles onto iTunes a few months later where listeners can enjoy her lyrics and soft vocals.

Although taking her first steps into the music business the Seaford resident wants to go onto drama school to combine her two passions of drama and singing.

But in the meantime she is still going to continue making music and said she is inspired by The Beatles, David Bowie and Katy Perry.