Take a look inside my box of tricks

Herald memorial SUS-180125-082140001
Herald memorial SUS-180125-082140001

I am one of life’s hoarders. Take a gander through one of my many “memory boxes” and you will uncover my children’s drawings from infant school, the first Valentine’s card I ever received, ticket stubs, meaningless receipts along with birthday, christening and Holy Communion cards. It’s the same at work. I have a mini Beckett Newspapers museum in drawers and a box filled with old fashioned newspaper accounts ledgers, old camera lenses from the press hall in Commercial Road and hundreds of black and white photographs of days gone by. The vast majority will never see the light of day but I am delighted that one particularly large artefact rescued by myself and colleagues during various office moves will take pride of place publicly. The wooden plaque honouring staff members at Becketts who lost their lives having left Eastbourne to fight in the Great War has been given some much needed TLC by Jo Seaman and the team at Eastbourne Heritage Service and is taking pride of place in a new exhibition starting in March. Eastbourne Remembers is the name of the expo at the Pavilion and it starts on Monday March 9. It will uncover some of the ways we have remembered and sometimes forgotten and explore commemorations and memorials spanning the last 2,000 years including of course our memorial plaque, which has been cleaned and polished with specialist wax. It looks absolutely splendid.

It’s a shame the same cannot be said for our town’s transport networks this week as everywhere you look, there’s roads being dug up all over the place. Terminus Road opposite the station, the bottom of Grove Road, Seaside, Lottbridge Drove, the A22 at Diplocks Way and now Rodmill Drive is to close in both directions for four weeks for resurfacing. Don’t forget the latter as it’s going to be an absolute nightmare getting from one side of the town to the other and Kings Drive will be just one massive car park.

The austerity axe is swinging again and this time it could be falling in the direction of Milton Grange and Firwood House, both excellent, much needed facilities for townsfolk. Milton Grange is a lifeline for many families with the respite care it offers and Firwood House helps people recover there instead of hospital. Both are valuable resources for mainly vulnerable elderly people, some of whom have nothing or no one to care for them. The public consultation will soon get underway and everybody must let the county council know this is one step too far and sadly they need to find some savings elsewhere.

Many thanks to everyone for their kind wishes on firstborn’s 18th birthday. We had a lovely few days away exploring the sights in Amsterdam. On the birthday roll call this week are Rebecca Westguard, Simon Groves, Carlene Weigand, Sally-Anne Daly, Martyn Milligan, Heidi Cowderoy, Matt Kuchta, Steve Holloway and finally Cynthia Heath who turned 70 years young this week. Cynthia and her lovely husband Cliff live life to the full and are an inspiration. Happy birthday one and all.