Tail of the kitten who bit off more than he could chew

Kitten who inhaled a mouse's tail
Kitten who inhaled a mouse's tail

A cute eight-week-old kitten who inhaled a mouse tail and was unable to breathe was saved by vets in what was one of their most unusual cases.

Vets at St Anne’s believed the little kitten had a blocked airway but were unable to find anything in his throat.

After further investigations it was found the kitten had swallowed a mouse.

Menna Field, veterinary nurse at St Anne’s, said, “We gave him an injection to see if that would help and he did calm down, but as soon as he moved he was struggling to breathe again.

“I then took a conscious x-ray and all we could see was a stomach full of air and something dense that looked like bone.

“We had to anaesthetise him to take a second x-ray and couldn’t believe what we saw.

“We could clearly see a mouse’s tail stuck in his airways and the bones in his stomach were clearly the rest of the mouse.

“How he breathed in the tail we have no idea.

“It took a few attempts to remove it as his mouth was so small and we couldn’t see it.”

The mouse’s tail was eventually pulled out by vet Jim Dash to the sound of cheering and high fives from the staff at the vets.

Menna said, “The kitten woke up from his anaesthetic and went home that evening absolutely fine and off to cause more trouble.”