Sussex town has a new way to shop – no prices, just haggle!

A new way to shop has landed in Worthing, possibly the only place in the country where nothing is priced and you haggle over what to pay.

Tuesday, 24th December 2019, 9:28 am

Graham Jones, 41, came up with the idea 15 years ago but it is only now that he has been made redundant as a transport manager that he has been able to put his plan into practice.

He opened Haggle it in Warwick Street on Saturday and says it has been really well received.

“It’s never been done before,” said Graham, who recently moved to Lancing from Worthing.

Haggle it owner Graham Jones shows some of the range at his shop in Worthing. Picture: Steve Robards SR23121902

“Nothing has a price and there is not even a guide. People make an offer on what they think it is worth and we will have a haggle. Whatever price we end up on, we guarantee it will be 50 per cent cheaper than the high street.”

There are brand new clothes with designer names as well as secondhand clothes, a toy corner where children can play to their heart’s content, gifts, jewellery and a few oddities, like plant pot holders made from dolls’ heads.

Graham said: “People have really loved it. We have done really well, way beyond expectation. We are not offended by any offers but actually people have been realistic.

“Even if people are a bit dubious, I give them a bit of a nudge.

The giant panda outside Haggle it in Warwick Street, Worthing, is the one thing that is not for sale, it is designed to draw people in

“We set out to help single parents and we just wanted to have some fun with it. I have just been made redundant, so we thought we would give it a go.

“I got the oddities because I wanted something where people would say ‘oh the shop with the weird things in it’.”

The website will launch in January and will be run by Graham’s daughter Jessica, as he prefers the face-to-face haggling.

“We are hoping to rival eBay,” said Graham.

Oddities include plant pot holders made from dolls' heads

He has done a lot of research, at car boot sales and markets, and says he has not been able to find a shop like it, where people can haggle.

Graham managed a shop at Gatwick Airport early in his career and thought of the idea for Haggle it while on holiday in Lanzarote.

He explained: “We go there three times a year and they have a market where everyone haggles. We bought the name and have the tagline ‘our price, in YOUR hands!’. We have tried to put a bit of Del Boy into it. There is even an open stock room, so there are no secrets.”