Sussex Downs students get into the Olympic spirit

YEAR one BTEC Business students from the Eastbourne campus of Sussex Downs College recently held an Olympic event to celebrate London 2012.

The sponsored event was attended by the mayor and mayoress of Eastbourne with all the proceeds going to the team’s nominated charity, Great Ormond Street.

The games involved students from BTEC Sport and Sport Science who represented seven countries from Team GB to Team China. They competed in a wide range of events from fun activities such as tug of war, egg and spoon and relay race.

Organisers say the event was a triumph with all teams entering into the Olympic spirit. The medals were awarded by James Kirby, a student at Sussex Downs College, and Keith Leech a Science Lecturer at Park College, both of whom are Olympic Torch Bearers.

James will be running with the Olympic Torch in Lewes on July 17 and Keith will also be completing his run on July 17 in Hastings. Both were nominated for their outstanding work within the community.

The overall day was won by Team Australia, which in the end had a landslide victory. Second and third place however where contested between Team USA and Team GB, with Team USA taking second place after a nail biting relay final.

The teams were sponsored for each event and raised more than £500 which included money from Molly Woods, who raised £150 by herself.