Surviving the holocaust as a nine-year-old

Dorit Wolff
Dorit Wolff

A HOLOCAUST survivor living in Eastbourne is offering to give talks to schools and organisations about her experiences.

Dorit Olivier Wolff has already held two talks at a luncheon club at the Langham Hotel on September 20 and 22.

Dorit, who lives in Chiswick Place with her husband and was also an internationally-renowned professional singer, said she wants to start giving talks to groups of people to show how she survived against all odds.

“I have seen the Holocaust through the eyes of a little Jewish girl. My life’s drive has been surviving. I am not a victim, I am a survivor,” said Dorit.

“For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a singer and my first taste of fame came at the age of four when I sang and danced in front of the future king of Yugoslavia.

“I spent most of my time hiding from the Nazis in Budapest. No matter where I was, in a concentration camp or an air raid shelter, I sang at every opportunity especially when I was frightened. Singing was my constant companion.

“At the end of the war I was nine-years-old, weighed three stone, lost my hair, had pneumonia, pleurisy and anorexia – not because I refused to eat but there was simply no food.

“I could hardly walk and I was not a very pretty sight. The doctors gave me six months to live. Perhaps my singing kept me alive?

“In one way I was lucky to be so young when the war started because I did not realise the horrors of my situation as I didn’t know any different, had nothing to compare it with. On the other hand I was robbed of my childhood.

“Even now after so many years my war memories still haunt me. It is not that I want to remember, it is simply that I cannot forget.

“More than 70 years have passed and my very existence is still an unbelievable miracle to me.”

Dorit said her passion for music has never left her. At the age of 21 she cut her first record which became an instant hit in Germany and led her to perform in major cities across Europe.

“The journey from the Holocaust to an internationally-recognised professional singer was my amazing dream come true and it is a journey I would now like to share with people.”

Any organisations interested can make contact with Dorit via email at