Supporters of Stephen Lloyd raise £1,000 for Save The DGH

Stephen Lloyd
Stephen Lloyd

More than £1,000 has been raised for the Save The DGH campaign, by supporters of former Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd.

A Facebook group “Friends of Stephen Lloyd” was set up initially to help the Liberal Democrat run again in the 2020 general election after his defeat on May 8.

Stephen Lloyd and Liz Walke

Stephen Lloyd and Liz Walke

But he asked his supporters to instead donate the money to the Save the DGH campaign - setting up a donations page - and kicking it off by donating £100.

And in just five days, the donations page reached its £1,000 target.

“I am absolutely bowled over. For the town to have donated over £1,000 - within only a few days of me launching the Save the DGH Campaign Just Giving site - is absolutely incredible,” he said.

“I was really touched when over 200 kind people got together to raise money, so I could pay off my mortgage to fight the 2020 election.

“But obviously it would not, in all conscience, have been right for me to allow them to do so.”

Instead, he asked his supporters to help him raise funds for the Save the DGH Campaign.

“The ongoing battle to fight the downgrading of core services at the DGH must go on,” said Stephen.

“Liz Walke, chairman of the campaign, will continue to get the support of everyone in Eastbourne until we win and the DGH is secure with all its core services.”

If you would like to contribute, please see

The Big Picnic

The Facebook group has also organised a picnic on Stephen’s behalf, from 3pm on Sunday May 24 at the Wish Tower Slopes.

The Big Picnic is “a chance for Eastbourne to get together and give Stephen a good send off.”

Already, 300 people have said they will attend.

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