Support pours in for cafe


An outpouring of support for the cafe in Gildredge Park has followed concern by some residents about its future.

The cafe, run by Tennis in the Park, applied for retrospective cafe status, but as the building has an alcohol license some residents were worried it could become a ‘pub in the park’.

However the owners of the cafe said this was far from the truth, and following an article in last week’s Herald, hundreds of residents have written into the council to support plans by the cafe.

“The current planning application is nothing to do with alcohol or extending operating hours,” said club manager Francis Mackie. “

“It is instead designed to formalise the use of the pavilion as a cafe. The suggestion that the club wants to become a pub is frankly ludicrous.”

Gemma Mackie, a director of the club said, “Our licensing conditions and the club’s obvious set up as a facility orientated towards young families make any fears of a ‘pub in the park’ utterly ungrounded.

“We love Gildredge Park and have personally invested in improving it.

“The club has created a fantastic social hub for the local community, allowing people to meet, relax and pursue an active lifestyle.

“It is very frustrating to face negativity based on ignorance and what appears to be a simple fear of change.”

In just a few days, hundreds of individual comments of support of the cafe have been submitted to the council.

Lizzie Legate of The Goffs said, “Tennis in the Park has become a popular community facility that has greatly enhanced Gildredge Park.

“The objections appear to be based on inaccurate assumptions and I, together with many other parents with young families, urge the council to grant the planning application.”

The planning application submitted to Eastbourne Borough Council is a retrospective application for the use of the pavilion as a cafe.

To see the application and the comments visit with the reference 140895.