Support group for stroke survivors

A SUPPORT group has been launched to help the 1,000 plus people in Eastbourne who suffer a stroke each year.

Started up by The Stroke Association and the East Sussex NHS Healthcare Stroke Rehabilitation Service, the group’s first meeting took place on Tuesday and will meet every four weeks on the first Tuesday of the month.

A spokesman for the group explained there is certainly the need for it locally.

They said, “Up to 1,000 people in the Eastbourne area suffer a stroke each year but unfortunately one third of these people do not survive the event, while another third are severely disabled, unable to eat, speak or care for themselves without full-time care.

“The remaining third, while still undergoing a variety of physical and/or emotional problems of varying degrees, are able to lead a relatively normal life.

“These survivors do, however, need help and support on leaving hospital to enable them to cope with their reduced abilities, which also put a great strain on their carers – usually spouses or other members of their families.”

As well as providing information and advice on the emotional and psychological effects of having a stroke, the people behind the group hope it can also act as a forum in which survivors can discuss their problems with others who have also suffered strokes or similar brain injuries.

There are no fees or charges involved and refreshments will be provided.

Wheelchair access is catered for, and the meetings are conducted by people who have themselves suffered stokes, so are fully aware of the issues and repercussions being faced by locals in the same boat.

All that people have to do if they want to pop along to the meet-ups at Firwood Hall in Brassey Avenue, is call in advance on 501280.

The meetings will run from 10am until 11.30am each month.