‘Super Gran’ hunts sponsor for title bid

Angie McNamara
Angie McNamara

MOST grandparents here in Eastbourne are content handing out Werther’s Originals and enjoying a slow stroll along the prom.

Not so Angie McNamara. The Irish-born local fitness fanatic is currently preparing to compete in the world powerlifting championships in Latvia later this year.

A granny she may be – with little Jake born four months ago – but at 38 she is still in her prime and keen to add to her string of titles and gold medals in both powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Ms McNamara is currently the two times Irish, European and World Champion and holds a host of world records.

She can deadlift 200kgs, squat 200kgs and bench press 100kgs – despite weighing just 10-and-a-half stone herself.

She has a 46in chest, 30in waist and trains for four-and-a-half hours every day, rising at 6am to travel to Ginises Gym in Wembley for her work-outs.

And, on top of that, she gets through a mammoth 3,000 calories a day including eating 200 eggs a week – with a little help from her family, including 19-year-old daughter Whitney who is herself a champion powerlifter.

Angie joked, “I am now known as ‘Super Gran’ as I am the strongest person in the world at what I do and have the gold medals to prove it in my weight category [under 67.5kg].

“I am competing in the world championships with the British team in November in the full power event, which consists of squatting, deadlift and bench press. The aim is to break all records this year and bring the gold back to Britain.”

If she does win the gold, she will have certainly worked hard for it. Ms McNamara sticks to a stringent diet – eating every two hours, including through the night, in a bit to maintain her perfectly defined figure.

Breakfast revolves around an early morning steak, eggs or chicken before grabbing a few more winks and then waking to tuck into some of the dozen or so readily-prepared tubs of high-protein, low-carb meals.

“I eat massive calories to put on size and stay strong – around 3,000 calories a day,” she revealed. “I also travel 200 miles ever week just to train heavy and learn from the best.

“I am very proud to lift for this country. I have no sponsor and pay for everything myself.”

She estimates the cost of competing, travel, accommodation, supplements, vitamins, tanning products and her diet sets her back more than £10,000 a year and she is now appealing for local firms to come forward and sponsor her.

“My partner Vanessa supports me all the way and encourages me to be strong for all women. I lift for all women out there and show them it can be done.”

Anyone who is interested in offering sponsorship to Angie should contact the Herald on 414483 or email richard.morris@jpress.co.uk.