Sunshine Carnival raises thousands for charities

Stephen Lloyd with Andy Roberts of Barclays Bank
Stephen Lloyd with Andy Roberts of Barclays Bank

This year’s Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival has raised £7,000.

All the money raised has come from voluntary contributions, of which £5,200 came from the bucket collection on the day and the remainder from advertisers and sponsorship.

As with last year, half goes into the fund for next year’s carnival and the other half – £3,500 – will be shared equally between 10 of the volunteer organisations who took part in the carnival.

Stephen Lloyd MP said, “I am absolutely thrilled at how yet again the local community stepped up to support our carnival, as well as help 10 good causes.

“I would also like to emphasise my profound gratitude to the team at our local Barclays who counted the £5,000 worth of coins from the bucket collection.”

Andy Roberts, Barclays community manager, added, “It was a fantastic opportunity for Barclays to join forces with Eastbourne Carnival raising money for local charities that will benefit the residents of Eastbourne and surrounding area.”

Pageant master Dave Cooper said, “We are already putting in the plans for next year’s carnival.

“The generosity of residents means we can plan ahead which is really good for the long term future of our Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival.

“Equally the voluntary organisations drawn out of the hat by our mayor, Cllr Mike Thompson, will all be receiving their £350 cheque very soon.

“These include SASBAH, Eastbourne YMCA and Children’s Respite Trust.

“Well done all.”