Successful property marking event in Eastbourne

Library picture.
Library picture.

More than 40 items including tools were marked at the Gorringe Road allotments in Eastbourne on Saturday (November 29) at a property marking event.

Members of the public were also able to learn more about crime prevention advice for keeping tools and other items safer in sheds and garages from PCSO Anita Rockingham and Crime Prevention Officer Trevor Cox.

PCSO Anita Rockingham said: “Fixing garage and shed alarms can be an excellent deterrent to thieves. If you are using a padlock, ensure it is a close shackle padlock and be sure to fix the hasp and staple with coach bolts to prevent them being levered off.

“Consider chaining items together and to a fixed point. You should also consider installing a lockable steel cabinet within a shed to store valuable tools in. Ensure that all your property is marked with your postcode and house number.

“This can be done clearly with a permanent marker pen or with some paint or use an invisible UV marker pen. Make a note of all serial numbers of tools, bicycles etc. and consider using to record your property.”