Students celebrate A-level results

COLLEGES and schools in Eastbourne celebrated yesterday as almost all of their students passed their A-levels and accepted offers from universities.

Headteachers congratulated the students on their hard work, and their teachers for helping them achieve the results.

At Sussex Downs College 96 per cent of those who sat A-levels passed and 72 per cent achieved A-C grades.

With 3,128 A-level entries this summer, the college had the highest number of students taking A-levels in the South East region. Across the Eastbourne and Lewes campuses, more than 50 students achieved three A grades or more and seven have earned places at Oxford or Cambridge.

Dr John Blake, principal and chief executive, said, "These achievements reflect the range of provision that Sussex Downs College offers and show how hard the students have worked.

"Year after year students' grades at the college have been of a very high standard.

"It is particularly pleasing that a college like Sussex Downs with around 4,500 full-time 16 to 19-year-old students can achieve such high quality results.

"I also want to thank my staff for how they have supported the students through this very important stage in their lives."

Straight A students were Josephine French, with four As and a 100 per cent mark for physics, who will go on to do a maths degree at Oxford University, and Chris Wood, whose four As in politics, psychology, philosophy and history will take him to the London School of Economics after a summer placement at the Houses of Parliament with Inverness MP Danny Alexander.

Eastbourne College reported a 100 per cent pass rate for its students with 77 per cent achieving A-B grades.

More than half the grades awarded to students were As and one third of students emerged with three As or more.

Head Simon Davies said, " I am delighted by these figures which are a testament to the very hard work by students and teaching staff.

"I am even more delighted when my team and I analyse how each individual girl and boy has done versus his or her underlying ability as a very high proportion of the most able have scored all A and B grades and similarly a high proportion of those with other abilities have excelled.

"Eastbourne College is a selective, but not highly selective, school which has proven, yet again, its ability to add value to all its pupils and celebrates their success."

Richard Macklin and Alfred Tan came top of the college with five As apiece and Toby Lewis-Donaldson, James Mai, Chris Dodd, James Mangat, Friederike Schenck and Verity Williams were close on their heels with four As.

Imogen Maxwell followed up 13 A*s at GCSE with 3 As and one A at AS level, securing a place at Cambridge University.

Alex Francis Smith received a top student award from examination board Edexcel for being one of England's top ten Spanish candidates.

Moira House students achieved a 98.4 per cent pass rate, with 82 per cent achieving A-C grades.

Thirty-five candidates made the school proud, with 62 per cent coming out with A and B grades.

Principal Lesley Watson said, "Congratulations to all the girls and I am sure they would join me in thanking the academic staff for their support and encouragement to enable them to achieve these excellent results."

Sharon Skinner achieved four As in chemistry, economics, mathematics and physics and will study economics and management at Oxford University.

Other noteworthy results were achieved by Sophie Lane, Iqra Bilal and boarding students Jessie Qiao, Cynthia Chan, Bonnie Wong and Amina Abdullahi.

At St Bede's School, Upper Dicker, 98 per cent passed and 66.5 per cent achieved A-B grades.

St Bede's students fared especially well in English, mathematics, art and media studies. Six out of 11 sport BTEC students received a double distinction, the equivalent of two A-levels.

Director of studies Sarah Quinn said, "The vast majority of students will be going to their first choice of university.

"They have all worked hard and they should be proud of their successes."

Hailsham student and head of the school, Alan Chambers, is to read chemistry at Oxford University after achieving four As in geography and science subjects and Paddy McFadden from Eastbourne will study politics and French at Bristol University having achieved three As and a B.

On her way to a physics course at Manchester University is Josie Bowler who received As in physics and dance through the school's Legat professional dance course.

There was a 100 per cent pass rate at Newlands School, Seaford, with 50 per cent achieving A-B grades.

Headmaster Chris Bridgman said, "I am delighted with these results, which reflect the benefit of small group teaching and the hard work of both students and staff."

Hailsham Community College students produced 'some of the best results the college has seen at this level', according to principal Lesley Farmer.

Provisional results indicated that 72% of all results gained were at grades A-C with virtually all subjects achieving a pass rate of A-E.

Particular congratulations go to the following students whose results were 'quite exceptional': Benjamin Bradford, Sarah Christmas, Christopher Denyer, Francis Fagan, Stefan Couch and Alexander Hunt.

Each of the above secured at least two or more A level passes at grades A and B.

At Seaford Head Community College 94 per cent of students achieved grades A - E, with 39.5 per cent achieving grades A -B, an improvement of 8.5 per cent from 2007.

This year's AS results show a marked improvement from 2007 with 88 per cent of students achieving grades A - E – up from 76 per cent - and 44 per cent of students achieving a grade A or B – double the success rate from a year ago.

Sheila Whiffin, assistant vice principal, said, "It is a credit to the sheer hard work of the students that so many of them have achieved such commendable results."