Strike: Frontline police staff not affected

THE head of Eastbourne Police is confident the strikes will not impact on the day-to-day work of her officers, but revealed some support staff would be joining the stay-away.

District Commander Jayne Dando spoke to the Gazette earlier this week to allay fears frontline police staff could take part in today’s strike.

And in a bid to reassure locals, she said, “There will be no police officers taking part in the action as it is not allowed under current national regulations.

“Some police staff will take part and we have plans in place to handle this without it impacting on the service. We have been in discussion with UNISON about the potential impact of industrial action and have clear plans to ensure emergency response will not be affected.”

She also revealed plans were in place to police any local demonstrations, including the main focal point at the Unite Eastbourne Centre in Grand Parade.

“We respect the right for people to take part in industrial action,” she said, “and will support those who wish to carry out a peaceful protest.

“If we do see anyone using the action as a cover for criminal activity we will take appropriate action. This should be a peaceful protest and we have all the necessary plans in place.”