Strike: ‘Everyone must make compromises, says MP

MP Stephen Lloyd
MP Stephen Lloyd

WORKERS should not down tools today, according to the town’s MP, who described the public sector pension pot as “a ticking time bomb”.

Lib Dem Stephen Lloyd has hit out at the hundreds across Eastbourne taking part in the nationwide day of industrial action and argues everyone must make compromises to meet the cost of paying for an ageing population.

And, as part of the Coalition, he believes the unions should be more responsible and meet the Government halfway on the controversial issue.

Speaking in the run-up to today’s strike, Mr Lloyd told the Gazette he fully supported the Coalition’s stance. He said, “I am saddened at the strikes. I genuinely believe the Government has offered a reasonable compromise. No one will be affected if they are due to retire in the next 10 years, and the one per cent annual increase public sector workers are being asked to pay is being met by an even larger contribution from the government.”

He added that far from the Government going to war with the unions, the dispute had been forced by the inescapable fact there is less money to go round and an ageing population to support with it.

“Proposed changes to public sector pensions are not just about the current economic crisis,. Public sector pensions have been a ticking time bomb for years which successive governments have lacked the courage to address.

“The blunt truth is we are all, thankfully, living for many years longer than our grandparents did. And this extra cost has to be addressed.

“The Coalition Government is working hard to find a lasting and affordable settlement.”